12 Ways to Live what you Believe!

I have been reading from, teaching from, and writing about the book of Romans for a few weeks now and this week, I discovered a list by Paul about how to LIVE like you believe! (Don't we all need a few reminders?)

In Romans 12, Paul lists (and I paraphrase) at least 12 ways to live out your faith in front of everyone. They include: 

1. Love Sincerely.  Don't fake it. 

2. Hate evil. Love what is good and right and true.

3. Be kind.  Jesus modeled this...copy Him.

4. Be unselfish. Consider the needs of others more often.

5. Be enthusiastic. Passion is contagious.

6. Stay fired up. Fan the flame on your spirit. 

7. Be alert for great opportunities! Don't procrastinate.

8. Hope Continuously. Don't give up.

9. Triumph in trial.  Keep looking up.

10. Persevere in prayer. Pray expectantly.

11. Give generously. Gratefully share with others.

12. Be hospitable. Invite those who are lonely to join you.

This week, let others know by the way you live what and Who you believe! Okay?

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Be encouraged,