Rules of Relationships

Rules of Relationships

I have been working with students for many years now. You'd think I'd outgrow my position as a high school and college youth worker...but I haven't and I can't. Why? I haven't finished the work (Acts 20:24) that God has given me to do!

How about you? You DO see the culture and how it is taking a toll on our young men and women, right? Therefore, this blog post is a sincere challenge to anyone reading it:

1. Identify a few students to mentor.  Your qualification to lead students is this: You love and read God's Word regularly, you live what you teach, and you are able to weekly pray for/meet with one or more students at your workplace, in your neighborhood, or on your campus for one hour.

2. Call your meeting a "Rules of Relationship" Series. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to have a few good friends. Everyone needs a little training in communication. Discuss God, dating, family, church, addiction...don't shy away from any relationship. (See below link for adding some FUN to your weekly meetings.)

3. Click here to listen to my recent message on changing culture for this young generation. In my recent message on Romans 12:1-2, I spoke about hosting a "Rules of Relationship" series each school year for your kids and their friends in your home, or even for your peers. Use Ephesians 5 as your guide. Pull current affairs stories from the news. Be real, loving, biblical, patient, and practical. 

YOU can make a difference in this nation. YOU can mentor students, whether they are your own or someone else's child who lives away from their family and needs a spiritual parent. Please, become part of changing our culture. Of course, it starts with giving God your life as a living and holy sacrifice. Come ON!

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UPDATE: As you know, my life has changed from full-time traveling speaker to full-time local pastor! If you would still like to visit with me, there are three ways to do so:

(1) I would love to send you my weekly encouragement letter and if your and/or a friend would like to come along each week, sign up at this link

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