3 Ways to Pray to Save Your Day

I teach people how to pray. I have done this for over 30 years. It began with my own desire to learn to pray with power and effectiveness. Then came a simple commitment that I made in 1984 at a convention to pray for one hour a day for the rest of my life! Over time, I discovered 3 ways to pray that could "save" any day from disaster or discouragement.

1. Rescue Prayer.  My earliest prayer teacher was the janitor who led me to Christ. He taught me a prayer to pray whenever I was afraid, tempted, or about to make a really poor, impulsive decision. Because I used it SO OFTEN, I gave it a name: Rescue Prayer. It goes like this, "In the name of Jesus, get out of here." Whether I need to get rid of a thought, a doubt, or an invitation to do something, I pray this prayer silently (or aloud) as many times as I have to pray until I get relief. I have taught it to students and adults for over 3 decades. It works. And everyone remembers the name: Rescue Prayer!

2. Spiritual Breathing. I learned this prayer as a youth worker while reading Bill Bright and Henrietta Mears' books. Both of them wrote and taught much about asking God for immediate forgiveness when you have sinned. They called it "spiritual breathing." It only requires awareness and willingness. This prayer can be a powerful tool in every Christian's life. Here is the prayer: "Holy Spirit forgive me for my sin right now (a specific thought, a word, an action, an attitude). I'm truly sorry. Show me any way I need to make this right with You and others. Keep me from doing this again, and fill me up, instead, with Your Holy Spirit."

3. Hour of Power.  I made a commitment on February 18, 1984 to pray for one hour a day for the rest of my life. Shortly after that, I asked God for an idea on how to pray one hour a day, and He gave it to me: My Partner Prayer Notebook. During that hour--for over 30 years--I talk to God and listen to God. It has been the source of my strength and growth and passion as a believer. I tell the story of how to pray "the write way" in my book, Let Prayer Change Your Life. If you are interested in using my system, click here.  

I hope these 3 ways to pray encourage you to pray as much as they have encouraged me! 

Be encouraged,