For Such a Time as This!

For Such a Time as This!

If you're reading along with me in the Change Your Life Daily Bible, we recently read the book of Esther. There are at least three things we learn about life and leadership from Esther...

1. Don't Despise Your Past.  Very few people are born into lovely, strong, healthy families! Most of us grow up like Esther--perhaps not as an orphan who becomes a queen--but born into a nation that is in turmoil or into a family that is imperfect or broken! In fact, most children experience heartache, suffering, loss, or disappointment early in their lives. It becomes a true step of maturity when we embrace the family, culture and nation into which we're born and allow God to use us for His purposes. 

2. Don't be Afraid to Stand Up. I've been the pastor to the high school and college students in my small church for the past few years. Why? Students live in a culture that wants to consume them, stealing their identity. You and I can change the culture if we simply mentor this young generation, reminding them that if they don't stand up for what and Who they believe, they will bow down to what the culture idolizes. Consider being a youth leader in your church and becoming a godly mentor to this young generation. 

3. Live to Make a Difference.  The phrase, "for such a time as this," is often used to inspire people to make a difference. Esther had an opportunity to change the culture. But she could not remain a silent bystander. She would have to take a risk and speak up about injustice. She took time to fast and pray, then determined to live her life to take bold steps that would make a difference for others. 

Is God asking you to:

* use your past and pain to change the culture,
* stand up for this young generation, and/or
* make a difference with your life on behalf of others?

I believe there has never been a better time in history to live for Christ. To all you who read this letter, may you give God all you have to offer "for such a time as this!"

Be encouraged,