4 Ways to Dump a BAD Habit!

What does it take to DUMP a bad habit? For starters, you must identify the habit you want to DUMP and list the MANY reasons you will be better without it. Then...

1. Get it out of your home. Whether it is potato chips or pornography, when you DUMP the HABIT into the garbage, and keep it out of your home, you won't be tempted to indulge in it at home--where you wake up and go to sleep. This is a great start, but the next step...

2. Don't go places where the HABIT is enjoyed. Not going to places where you indulged in this habit, isn't easy, but it is identifiable. You KNOW where NOT TO GO to DUMP a bad habit. So don't go there (ex: ice cream store, shoe department, internet site, restaurant, etc.)!

3. Go through withdrawals with help. Your body and mind is programmed to DO or "use" this HABIT. In the beginning, you will have to ask specific people to help you STOP--church friends, family members, prayer partners, small group members. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It is a sign of strength. Attend a meeting, or pick up the phone when you are tempted. Don't try to DUMP a bad HABIT alone. 

4. Regularly humble yourself in front of God and others. Moment-by-moment prayers for help, daily times of reflection and confession, and transparent honesty in accountability groups with other believers is the best way to DUMP a HABIT for a lifetime (not just for a season). One of the most practical ways to DUMP a BAD HABIT FOR GOOD is by keeping a prayer journal and reading God's Word daily. If you want to use my system for "daily confession sessions," click here!

Be encouraged,