The Heart of God -- Be Careful, Be Joyful! (Weeks 2 & 3)


If you would like to read through the New Testament of the Bible along with me and Viewpoint Church, we began on September 17 in the book of Galatians and will read daily and meet weekly on Mondays at 10:15 am PST on FaceBook LIVE (my page) for 52 weeks! 

Invite your friends and DIG INTO God's Word. Let God speak to you. 

Click here to watch Ephesians: Be Careful.

Click here to watch Philippians: Be Joyful.

For a PDF of the daily readings, click here. To purchase the Change Your Life Daily Bible, click here. Time? 5 minutes a day for 365 days. START ON TODAY'S DATE! Come on. Make history for your life. Read the entire New Testament in one year. You will NEVER be the same!

Next week? Colossians: Be Faithful!

Be encouraged,