Have your ever read the entire Bible in a year?

I want to invite you THIS year—2019—to read through the entire Bible along with your friends, family, and me!

For over 30 years, I’ve read the entire Bible in just 15 minutes a day using the Change Your Life Daily Bible! It is SO inspiring and life-changing to hear God’s voice everyday. And honestly, if I can do this—for 30 years every day—YOU can do this in 2019!

To help you, I’ve started a FACEBOOK PAGE to be your pastor-encourager along the way.

First, join my new Facebook group and page: FACEBOOK.COM/CHANGEYOURLIFEDAILYBIBLE2019

Second, get the Change Your Life Daily Bible if you don’t have one, or use an online version!

Third, visit my FB page daily, beginning on January 1st!

Each day, I will post a devotional—based on that day’s reading (from either the Old or New Testament, Psalm or Proverb), and I will also post a “live” or recorded Change Your Life DAILY MINUTE on both the group FB page and Instagram@beckytirabassi. Just come daily by NOON EST and you WILL be encouraged.

You can do this!

Join me. Invite friends and family. Questions? Contact or call 800.444.6189.

Be encouraged!