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In 1947, the original Fellowship of the Burning Hearts--Henrietta Mears, Richard Halverson, Bill Bright, and Louis Evans Jr.--spent all night in prayer and then prepared a Discipleship Contract by which they committed to live their lives in expendability for the Lord Jesus Christ. Their efforts turned into a 2-year revival across 80 college campuses in America between 1947-1949. 

In 2005-2006, I reprised their message for a 21st century audience and wrote, The Burning Heart Contract: A 21-Day Adventure in Prayer, Purity and Purpose. I traveled to 23 campuses in 40 days to pray with students to pray with students--it was a telling sign of the way culture had a grip on Christian young men and women. In the Summer of 2013, I gathered a dozen college students and developed a FREE Online 21-Day Adventure in which anyone who signs up receives my book for FREE and 21 Days of encouragement to develop a burning heart that can never be extinguished!

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